Get involved!!!



Exciting opportunities to see God use you to take his Word to children are always available.  Please contact us at (307) 436-5593 if you are interested in any of these ministries.

Get Involved locally!

Local Director*
A local director is the leader of the chapter, his focus is on building the ministry and team to reach the children.  A local director is needed in the Southwest Wyoming chapter. 

Summer Ministry Coordinator*
We are praying for the Lord to provide a ministry coordinator for each of the five local chapters.  This key person is responsible for scheduling and supervising summer events and maintaining contact with CYIA recruits throughout the year.

Committee Member
If you have a heart for seeing the children of Wyoming reached with the Gospel, your abilities and ideas would be a blessing on a local committee.  The CEF ministry is committee led, and we are always in need of new members.

After School Good News Club® Sponsor
Get your church excited about taking God’s Word into the public schools and become a part of this movement that is sweeping America.

5-Day Club® Host
Would you like to have an eternal impact in your neighborhood?  Have a team of summer missionaries come to your home this summer to teach for a week.

Camp Counselor
Give a week of your summer to work at camp.  It will be a blessing to you and the children.

Get Involved nationally!


Good News Across America

Join a team that will be in Milwaukee taking the Gospel to the children.  The dates are July 17-29, 2017.   Learn more.


Get Involved internationally!

cool kid globeSummer Missions
Young adults looking to experience overseas missions first-hand will experience an unforgettable summer by joining a CEF team.  To learn more, visit

*Full-time career opportunity